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This would look good in any room in the house

Saw this the other day, thought it would compliment any well furnished room.

What do you think?

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Motorcycle Chaps in Mime

A recent post by Cyanide Bunny here and the thread that followed reminded me of a Foreign Mime I was involved in a few years ago, I was in Egypt and in a street of leather garment makers. On a whim I decided this would be a good place to buy a pair of leather motorcycle chaps (just like horse riding chaps and worn to protect your legs). I started to try to describe and mime what I wanted but with no success, I went back to my hotel and chose my least loved pair of jeans and with the nail scissors cut them down to a set of chaps, just two legs joined by a waistband, no body and the legs split up the sides so as to be closed with snaps. Taking this pattern back to the vendor I showed him what I wanted, in black leather. After turning the pattern over in his hands for a few minutes he looked up to me with a big smile on his face and said “Ah! Is for your wife, Yes?” “Well no” I said “is for me” “No, no” he replied “You not ladyboy, is for your wife, yes?” Finally I agreed “Is for my wife” “Good, good, tomorrow” he said, when I returned, no chaps were to be seen and I was told with some difficulty that they had been seen hanging in the store and been bought by another American, “for his wife, yes” next day I had my own pair and noticed that another pair were hanging there also, waiting for the next American deviant to purchase. They may be there still, it was only twenty years ago.

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