Tales from a small creek on the Eastern Shore

The Found Object

It was loaned to me by a friend, he found it on his father’s farm as a young lad some sixty years ago.
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Signs of Spring

It may not look like that to you but it means a lot here. The ice on the creek is breaking up, it’s above freezing (just), there is a strong westerly wind blowing and the ice is being broken up by the incoming tide.

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Bulging Bivales Bringing Beaucoup Bucks

According to the Wall Street Journal, business is booming for purveyors of  the World’s largest bivalve.

Geoducks (pronounced Gooeyducks) are being sold for record prices and the Squamish and other native Americans,  harvesting them from  Puget Sound  in the Northwest are selling them  to the Chinese in time for their new years celebration.  They sell for up to $1 per ounce and a big one can weigh 30 pounds so that’s close to 500 dollars each, a lot of clams for one clam.

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