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As promised, a terminally boring post on the minutae of a long boat trip.

Technically it was a delivery run and not intended as a vacation, which would require an even longer and more boring post (want to see some holiday snaps?).
For those of you who missed the whole thing you can read all about it here or not as you wish.
The trip started at mile 803 of the ICW at Palm Coast, Florida and ended 199 miles north of mile zero (Norfolk, VA) at the boat’s new home. Total distance from the charts 1002 nautical miles, and allowing another 40 nm for deviations to find overnight anchorages the distance traveled was around 1040 nm or 1200 statute miles. (well I did warn you this would be boring).
-Even more boring stuff>

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Into the Northern Bay at seven thirty Tuesday morning and a pleasant run of fifty miles in familiar waters

Our final landmark, Turkey Point Lighthouse

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To Deltavillle,Virginia thence to Magothy River, Maryland

Not much to report for Saturday’s efforts, windy rain and thunderstorms, rocking and rolling up the Bay, known water for a change but changeable as a spirited woman (am I still permitted to say things like that?).

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Norfolk and Hampton Roads, VA Early Morning

This is yesterday’s post, but I was out of range then, I will post today’s post tomorrow (You get the idea)

We leave Norfolk with a last view of the incongruous, a hokey ferry passing a moored Carrier.

and plunge out into Hampton Roads, a busy maritime thoroughfare.

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