Tales from a small creek on the Eastern Shore

Local Produce Picture Quiz

Saw this on my way back from breakfast yesterday.

It’s a local Amish farm, quite a good selection of fresh stuff, sorry about the wheelie bin, I did not want to disturb it.
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I Painted my Smallest Shed Today

I was moved to paint my shed today, I know not why, idly surfing the net this morning I was overcome with an irresistible artistic urge to paint my smallest shed.

The smallest shed was acquired back at the end of last year when I was summarily evicted from the then exiting smallest shed (now the second smallest) together with my definitive collection of gasoline powered tools, THAT small shed has become a sort of shrine to the garden gods, odd potions, pots, bags of expensive dirt (sorry-potting soil) and chemicals mingling with the usual collection of hand tools, which inexplicably were allowed to remain.

Yes, that is a small refrigerator on the right, it holds that vital accompaniment  to serious gardening , cold beer.

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