Tales from a small creek on the Eastern Shore

Really Useful Signs?

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What does a Redneck do with a Golf Cart?

I was given a golf cart as a birthday gift this year, the first mate decided I needed help getting around the property, the mailbox is about half a mile away at the end of the driveway and up a steep hill, it is quite a hike but not one that I make every day. The gift was greeted with a sigh and as much oh! yes and ah! perfect as I could manage on the spur so to speak.  Anyway it’s a two-seater gasoline powered 1994 model and has the thing on the back where one would keep the bag of sticks if one gorfed which I of course do not, and incidentally never have excepting for one game in the full innocence of youth when convinced by my Scottish uncle James MacDonald Millar that this would be a useful skill to have in later life I attempted a round (he lied).

The Metamorphosis

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