Tales from a small creek on the Eastern Shore

‘Tis the Season

Well it is here, it’s Thanksgiving and I thought it might round out the feast to have some local oysters, enough for a few raw and a few fritters and maybe enough to make some oyster stuffing for the turkey tomorrow. 

So yesterday my neighbour and I set off down to the local dock, (about three miles) and waited for the oyster boats to come in.  There was no shortage of choice, a couple of the boats were loaded with oysters to the point of foundering.  30  minutes later we had two bushels of fine bay oysters split between three large coolers and were back home in the small shed making sure they passed our rigid quality standard, two dozen or so later they were judged plenty adequate and have been iced down awaiting a major shuck in the morning.


One of the few big advantages of living in the wilderness, guaranteed off-the-boat fresh oysters for $50 per bushel  (about $0.30 each)

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Autumn – Geese at Twilight

Here’s a quick one from me.

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