Tales from a small creek on the Eastern Shore

South Nation River to Gatineau Marina (Ottawa) July 15

We had one of those sunsets last night that was worth recording.  The water was mirror smooth and the sun went down in line with our little creek.


We were up and about early and set off about 8 aiming for Ottawa or thereabouts. We had a recommendation for Hull Marina but they were full when we called so we settled for Gatineau.

Out along the Ottawa river, wide, deep and mostly not a challenge to navigate.

“Boat behind”  is the cry, not so this time just a seaplane taking off.


Up,up and away


Then closing in on Ottawa a ferry.


Not much one might say but this guy is a real operator, round about December the river freezes over ending ferry operations, so he beaches the ferries and around January first when the ice is thick enough to drive on he plows the snow off a crossing and sets up lane markers and lights and for five dollars will allow you to cross the river here (fifty miles from the nearest bridge) he will take anything from cars to trailer trucks, just sign the waiver and pay the five bucks.  Love it.

Not sure of the story here but I am sure there is one.


Approaching the capital there is serious money about.


and a major penile extender on a boat lift.


Then a public space, something Canada does really well, clean, and as it is Monday empty except for the lifeguards.


Finally into Gatineau Marina and a chance to clean the boat and get a dinner ashore.

Tomorrow the Ottawa steps (eight locks up to the parliament buildings)


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