Tales from a small creek on the Eastern Shore

Gatineau Marina to the Laurier Avenue Bridge, Ottawa July 16, 2013

Crossed the Ottawa River and rounded Rockcliffe Park  (Embassy Row for Ottawa)

I think this is the US Embassy, actually it’s the US Ambassadors residence a local tells me)


then past the Rockcliffe Yacht Club


A skyline comes into view, it is Hull across the river from Ottawa, Ottawa is around the corner


First we pass the outfall of the Rideau River at Rideau Falls, the locks were built to bypass this hazard.


Finally under two bridges and around the bend, the Ottawa flight


Chateau Laurier Hotel on the left


Parliament buildings on the right, the hexagon/decagon? is the parliamentary Library.

Eight locks and no stopping once you are in, we had timed it to be right after the last opening, but the attentive lock staff chose to do one more, so in the blazing heat we locked up eight times in two hours and found no room at the top wall.

No pictures in the locks?  Way too busy.

We are tied to a fence on the bike path just South of the Laurier Avenue Bridge, cooling off – generator and three air conditioners running  95 outside 82 inside.  The lock guy said it was OK.

Grocery, wine and beer run tomorrow.


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