Tales from a small creek on the Eastern Shore

Lock your doors, stay in the house, Janus is here!

Janus 1s

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Silent Saturday

Warm today, (almost 15C) but the water is still frozen, there is not enough wind yet to sweep the fog off the creek so the world is lost in a stationary sea of mist.
Warm 2s
Strange, no wind, but a sudden warming, must be the jet stream working way up there.
Warm 4 s
On auto, the camera will not trigger the shutter because it can find nothing in the distance on which to focus.  So I have to find something in the foreground, or no picture.
Quiet too, no rustling leaves, and despite being hunting season no popping of guns,  nothing but the faint sound of condensed mist dripping from the dock.

Five minutes later, a faint breeze is already dispersing the fog and the first birds are already lining up for breakfast, the magic moment has passed into history.

Warm 5c

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Quiet Here Too!

One of those days.

Yesterday it was 16C at about this time, this morning (7 am) it was -17C (-28C with the wind chill), colder than Fargo  in springtime and a record low for us.


The North wind blew all our water away during the overnight freeze so we now have ice  mushrooms on the pilings.


The boat and the air bubbler are frozen to the bottom so we will have a fun time when the tide comes back (if ever?)



The only thing moving on the creek are these two (blurred) eagles fighting over lunch in the far far distance.


24C in the house thanks to the wood stove.





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