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May-ish Photo Competition – Trees

Abject apologies for the lateness of this, I have been busy repairing some winter damage to the other house but that is no real excuse for my dereliction.  Anyway here we are and May is almost gone and photographic opportunities abound.  So how about we make the subject “Trees”.   It can be one, a few or a whole forest if can get them in the viewfinder.  I like trees and can often see the Ent in many of them.

Here are a few I took this morning wandering around the yard (me that is, the trees were their usual stationary selves).  t3cs

The conifer in the middle was our 1994 Christmas tree, now a bout 50 feet and thriving.


This is the top of a healthy Beech that is probably 100 feet tall and on the property line towards my neighbour’s house.

So away you go, trees big or small, few or many, for closing let’s say June 20th.  midnight EDST.











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