Tales from a small creek on the Eastern Shore

Hard Times

Tough times for all this week, a late winter storm dropped 8 inches of snow on us Monday.  Finally dug out and returning to normal.  It’s hard on the wildlife both big….
Got my fish now bugger off!

HT6 cs
Bloody youngsters, no respect at all.

And small
Quite a mixture including a woody, two cardinals and a junko.
HT 4cs

Also a line up at the thistle bar hidden in the mountain Laurel.
HT 1cs

Goldfinches, junkos and  the ubiquitous sparrows, they all  have to eat.

So do I, fat Tuesday today, file gumbo and red beans with rice, I had my pancakes for breakfast. 

Roll on Spring.



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Rural Humour

Living in the wilderness has some compensations. True we have no services that those in urban settings take for granted, trash collection, cable TV, municipal water or sewer systems to name a few.  But we do have “Honey Wagons”, these are driven by the folks who empty septic tanks every few years, not the world’s most desirable occupation but improved by a sense of Humour.

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Give me Liberty……….

Yes, I know, it’s all about ships again.  Liberty ships in this case.  Last year I had a little field trip across the bay to Baltimore to see the USS John W. Brown, one of the last two surviving Liberty Ships in operation.  She was built in Baltimore in 1942 and has been part of the city landscape for the last ten years or so.  She is fully operational and certified for public use and steams up and down the east coast during the summer months.  Here she is out chugging on the Chesapeake Bay.

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The first idea is sometimes the best.

Returning from our boat trip in late last Summer, I only half seriously suggested we should take the boat to the Bahamas for the winter.

Well one thing led to another and the idea was shelved for 2013.  The winter here has been brutal, record cold and record snow, another 8 inches overnight.

To this worker in the wilderness that trip does not seem quite so crazy today.

Snow 2s

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Lock your doors, stay in the house, Janus is here!

Janus 1s

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Silent Saturday

Warm today, (almost 15C) but the water is still frozen, there is not enough wind yet to sweep the fog off the creek so the world is lost in a stationary sea of mist.
Warm 2s
Strange, no wind, but a sudden warming, must be the jet stream working way up there.
Warm 4 s
On auto, the camera will not trigger the shutter because it can find nothing in the distance on which to focus.  So I have to find something in the foreground, or no picture.
Quiet too, no rustling leaves, and despite being hunting season no popping of guns,  nothing but the faint sound of condensed mist dripping from the dock.

Five minutes later, a faint breeze is already dispersing the fog and the first birds are already lining up for breakfast, the magic moment has passed into history.

Warm 5c

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Quiet Here Too!

One of those days.

Yesterday it was 16C at about this time, this morning (7 am) it was -17C (-28C with the wind chill), colder than Fargo  in springtime and a record low for us.


The North wind blew all our water away during the overnight freeze so we now have ice  mushrooms on the pilings.


The boat and the air bubbler are frozen to the bottom so we will have a fun time when the tide comes back (if ever?)



The only thing moving on the creek are these two (blurred) eagles fighting over lunch in the far far distance.


24C in the house thanks to the wood stove.





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USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000)

Just Launched.DDG 1000 2

I’m not making this up.

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Not Physics, but Fun.

I was leafing through the October edition of Physics World this morning (well we do don’t we?).  I get it here about a week after it is mailed in the UK.

Neat puzzle in this months edition in partial celebration of 25 years in print (for a hundred years before that it was called “The Physics Bulletin”).  Anyhow I thought the puzzle was fun and the answer was a treat.  Here it is.

Can you crack the code?



There is a word missing from the above.  Please give the word in it’s encrypted form as the answer.

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Leaking Exhaust Elbow on your Marine Generator? – No Problem

First Mate:   “Does this boat have a Carbon Monoxide detector?”
Bilge Rat  “Yes of course, I bought one especially for this trip”
First Mate “Where is it?”
Bilge Rat  “Well it is in the bin under the V- berth, I did not get around to installing it yet”

Don’t let the presence of diesel exhaust fumes, soot and high levels of Carbon Monoxide in the cabin distress you.  A cracked exhaust elbow on your diesel generator is easily fixed with common household items.

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